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Woodwork is good work. Since ever Forests played a big role in Mythology. This is a reason why I love to work with naturally grown Rods. I carve Swiss Hazelnut sticks, put color on and sign them with my name FELICECOSI. My studio is somewhere outside in the Green on a bench. Often People pass by and start a conversation talking about totems, medicine mans, ore meditation. Children admire what the old man is doing.

Among my various artistic ambitions such as painting and bronze casting there is also a 20 Year long attempt to make Art with the help of Computers. But lately I went back to nature and rediscovered from where we all come from. To be an artist means struggle for recognition and money. When all my Collectors past away, my Artist career came to a fierce stop. I had to learn professions such as Teacher for adults, Kinesiologist, Masseur, Nurse Assistant, City Guide and doing cleaning jobs to make some cash. I became conscious that there where milliard of activities human beings do, to go through live. I didn`t knew, lived, experienced them when I was doing art exclusively. Artist can become more and more isolated from real life doing the same working process  over and over again, meeting always the same folk from the art world. Hidden in there Studios in a protected milieu, away from normal people they risk to become ignorant.

Of course it wasn`t easy to be kicked out of my atelier after 27 years, to give away hundreds of stored paintings and bronze sculptures for free and to shot down my bronze casting workshop. In spite the struggles I never gave up drawing. Since 2005 I pushed myself in to new live and professional experiences opening up my mental horizon and adding some skills. 2015 I was closed to a total exhaustion, after a three month holyday in Thailand the vital strengths came back to me.

2016 I picked up a Hazelnut Rod  in the near bye forest, bought a few days later a super carving cutter and started to work on the peace. A friend gave me a box with the most expensive Swiss color pencils. To complete the first creation of a Pathfinder I put nice colors on it.

We believe the GPS more then our instincts and dreams. The Pathfinders are an alternative for those who still try to find unspoiled soils away from conventional , traditional, nowadays ways of live and thinking. They can be rhythm- ore magic sticks, antennas to keep the orientation on the personal landscape. 


Try your ways with this pathfinding Rods. Take them in your hands.